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As a busy project manager it might get quite difficult to keep track of the deadlines for certain project sections, the tasks you assign to each staff member or the business meetings you need to attend to. LeaderTask is a program that can help you easily complete the aforementioned tasks and never forget about important events and assignments.

To use this utility on your PC you first need to log in to a personal LeaderTask account. If you don't own an account, you can create one directly from the program's interface. You won't need to validate the account in your default web browser. Simply fill the necessary fields, click the "Log In" button, and you can start working with LeaderTask.

You can use the utility to assign tasks to your staff members, keep a personal to-do list, attach files to your notes, and so much more. All content can be synced to your Cloud account or exported to your local directories.

Another great thing about this program is that it can also be used to manage personal events or assignments. For example, you can add an item like "Brother Birthday Party" to the Family project category.

Furthermore, the product is available for various types of platforms. Hence, you can alter the stored content while you're away from your PC, directly from your smartphone or from a different computer.

Sadly, not many of its capabilities can be tested if you're using the trial version of the product. For example, you cannot use tools Pomodoro Timer or Goal Staircase unless you purchase the program for your PC. Still, you can check a large number of its features for free and see how powerful and useful LeaderTask can be. It's definitely a tool that can help you manage your staff and to-dos efficiently.

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  • Cloud sync
  • Helps you stay connected to your team and assign tasks to your staff
  • Lets you attach files to notes or to-dos
  • Localized in various languages
  • Available for various types of platforms


  • Unable to test some of its features while using the trial version of the product


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